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15 Jan 2022

Best WordPress Hosting Canada: Our Top 6 Picks (From $3.49 CAD)

Searching for the best WordPress hosting in Canada? In this roundup, we’ve collected the top six WordPress hosting solutions for people in Canada (or anyone targeting a Canadian audience). This list includes budget options that start at just $3.49 CAD per month, as well as more premium managed WordPress hosts in the ~$30 per month range. And collectively, you’ll be…. Continue Reading

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11 Jan 2022

How to Translate a WooCommerce Website

Online shopping is an inherent part of many lives, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, there is arguably no better time to enter e-commerce. However, in order to reach as many potential customers as possible, you’ll want to translate your WooCommerce website to broaden your user base. While there is merit in using selective targeting to find…. Continue Reading

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07 Jan 2022

10 Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared in 2022 (Most Are Free)

Searching for the best WordPress security plugins to protect your WordPress site from malware or malicious actors? A lot of WordPress security is following general best practices – updating everything, using strong passwords, installing high-quality plugins, and so on. WordPress security plugins can give you extra peace of mind, though, and protect your site from threats that basic security best…. Continue Reading

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