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04 Jul 2022

The Best Caching Plugins for WordPress in 2022

You’ve heard that adding a caching plugin to your WordPress site is one of the easiest ways to improve your site loading speeds. But how do caching plugins work? What features should you look at in a caching plugin? This guide to the best caching plugins for WordPress will answer these questions + analyze six great caching plugins to help…. Continue Reading

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27 Jun 2022

How to Fix an Invalid JSON Error in WordPress

Unlike other errors, and invalid JSON error in WordPress is straightforward to understand and fix. For the unaware, this appears when WordPress can’t communicate with the web server while you work within the Block Editor. The server’s responses come in the JSON format, which explains the error. Fixing the issue shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and will be…. Continue Reading

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13 Jun 2022

How to Upload PDF Files to WordPress

When it comes to WordPress media types, the lion’s share of attention goes to images and video. This does make sense, but misses out a valuable and helpful file type that you might want to reconsider – the Portable Document Format (PDF). The good news is that it’s simple to upload PDF files to WordPress and display them. Now the…. Continue Reading

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