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Sharing Updates and Knowledge with The Community

16 Jan 2020

How To Fix ‘429 Too Many Requests’ error In WordPress

Much like most other software, WordPress also has its flaws. Occasionally running into an error is normal for most WordPress users. But, don’t blame WordPress for the 429 Too Many Requests error. This particular WordPress error can surface for several different reasons, sometimes it can occur by the user’s own faults but it’s not WordPress’ fault. Never the less, we’re…. Continue Reading

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13 Jan 2020

17 of the Best Google Fonts (And How to Use Them in WordPress)

Are you ready to update your WordPress website, but you’re struggling with the decision which font to choose? There are just so many. How are you supposed to know which are the best Google Fonts to choose for your site? Especially, since the choice of fonts has real-life consequences for the success of your website. If all else fails, sometimes…. Continue Reading

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11 Jan 2020

Thrive Architect Review 2020 – Best Landing Page Plugin for WordPress!

You want to build beautiful, effective pages for your WordPress site but you’re not a developer… It’s a problem as old as time (or at least as old as WordPress!). And it’s exact problem that page builder plugins were made to fix. A few months ago, Thrive Content Builder was one of those plugins. Now, Thrive Content Builder is gone,…. Continue Reading

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