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Sharing Updates and Knowledge with The Community

21 Oct 2021

How to Fix the 403 Forbidden WordPress Error

Sometimes, it can seem as though there are no shortage of WordPress errors to overcome, although the platform is stable and secure. Though, while this means the built-in error reporting is doing its job, you still need to fix issues that arise. The 403 Forbidden WordPress error is a common issue, with a straightforward solution. Most often, the problem relates…. Continue Reading

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18 Oct 2021

Envira Gallery vs Modula Comparison: Best WordPress Gallery Plugin? (2021)

In our detailed Envira Gallery vs Modula comparison, we’re going to help you decide between these two WordPress gallery plugins. Both are popular and well-rated options. As a quick summary, Envira Gallery is generally better for photographers and other users with advanced needs because it has unique features like e-commerce support and dynamic galleries, while Modula can make a better…. Continue Reading

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14 Oct 2021

How to Harden WordPress and Fix Permissions Errors

The beauty of WordPress is that you can do as deep down the rabbit hole as you like. If you have zero technical knowledge, you have the same relative power under your fingertips as a seasoned professional coder. Though sometimes, when you need to delve into the back end of WordPress to fix permissions errors, it helps to understand what…. Continue Reading

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