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Sharing Updates and Knowledge with The Community

29 Nov 2021

A Beginners’ Guide to WordPress File Permissions

Trust us when we say that you don’t want a free-for-all on your WordPress website. An open server and file hierarchy is like blood to a shark for malicious users. Of course, your server is (in most cases) safe and sound. Meanwhile, WordPress’ file permissions take care of the folders and files within. In fact, every file hosted on the…. Continue Reading

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22 Nov 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, Coupons, & Discounts for 2021

It’s that time of year again when people start revving up their shopping lists, hunting down the best deals in town, and are experiencing an all-out shopping frenzy! Now is the best time to invest in premium WordPress Hosting products, themes, and plugins. Wanting to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday with their favorite WordPress enthusiasts, top WordPress companies are…. Continue Reading

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17 Nov 2021

How to Convert a WordPress Multisite to a Single Site

WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms on the market. The Content Management System (CMS) provides the backbone for a number of websites and networks. In fact, WordPress Multisite – a way to network installations – powers It’s a testament to the power behind the platform. Though, in some cases, you’ll want to migrate your WordPress Multisite installation…. Continue Reading

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