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Sharing Updates and Knowledge with The Community

20 Sep 2019

Paid Memberships Pro: An Easy to Use, But Fully Loaded Membership Plugin

Starting a membership website is one of the best online business ideas out there. It gives you the flexibility to earn recurring income, the freedom to create as much or as little content as you want, and your loyal readers and customers will love it. In fact, membership websites are a great way to reward those that have been with…. Continue Reading

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27 Aug 2019

CSS Hero Review: Taking The Pain Out Of WordPress Customization

No website is complete without a design that grabs and holds your readers’ attention. But with so many WordPress theme options available in the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one to use. How do you know which theme is the best for you without trying it out first? What if you need to make extensive customizations,…. Continue Reading

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01 Aug 2019

How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error on Your WordPress Website

There’s never a good time to get an error on your WordPress website. Whether in the admin section or on the frontend, site errors are frustrating. Especially if you don’t know what’s causing them or how to fix them. Unfortunately, the 500 internal server error is no different. In fact, the internal server error might be one of the most…. Continue Reading

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