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Sharing Updates and Knowledge with The Community

26 Jul 2022

How to Fix WordPress’ cURL Error 28

One of the unsung ‘water carriers’ of the internet is the Client URL (cURL) library. In fact, almost every ‘thing’ that uses the internet will use cURL. It even has fans beyond our atmosphere. It’s a collection of software that lets you transfer data with URLs, and WordPress uses it when it makes Application Programming Interface (API) request. If this…. Continue Reading

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20 Jul 2022

How to Fix the ‘Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk’ Error

If you’re new to the world of file permissions in WordPress, know that this can affect a number of interconnected elements of your site. If those permissions change into something more restrictive, and the server can’t access certain files, you’ll see an error. The ‘Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk’ error and its equivalents is one such issue that…. Continue Reading

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16 Jul 2022

How to Fix ‘Another Update is Currently in Progress’ Error in WordPress

Lots of your site maintenance time will involve updating WordPress’ core, themes, and plugins. This is a necessary task that protects your site and makes it more secure. However, while the process often goes without a hitch, on some occasions, you see the ‘Another Update is Currently in Progress’ error. WordPress will typically ‘lock’ the database when it carries out…. Continue Reading

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